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lifelonggoalHi! My name is Makaila and I am 16 years old. I made this blog to help me on my journey to getting fit and healthy for once in my life.


H: 5'2'' HW: 185 CW:167.2 GW:120


I think I had a good food day. No exercise though because I’m still working on my project and homework. You may not believe this but I consider my homework more important than my exercise. 

Haven’t Posted One Of These In Awhile.

Haven’t Posted One Of These In Awhile.

I’m sore. Not from a work-out of course, but having to move around with crutches. 

This ankle is gonna be the end of me. 

I didn’t start the day off good (I skipped out on school today btw because my stomach wasn’t and still isn’t agreeing with me) so I’m gonna forget about what I ate and do some crunches, Russian twist, fire hydrants (sprained ankle remember?) and fix myself up something healthy and nutritious after I finish icing this foot.

I sprained my ankle

It is a lateral ankle sprain and I did it two days ago. It doesn’t look bad but it is. All of the serious damage was done on the inside of my foot and so that means I have to go to Physical Therapy. Yay.

So not much exercise I can get done. I been feeling the need to get out in run but no, I can’t. This really sucks.

I finished my homework and I didn’t feel too good but I really wanted to get a run in on the treadmill since it’s dark aside and freezing. So anyway, I changed and popped in my earphones and I ran for only 11:10 seconds before I stopped but anyway, I actually do feel better and my headache is gone (:

What CAN’T exercise do? 


So last week I had a weird craving for everything sweet constantly and as hard as I tried to avoid it and head to the fruit, I kept ending up with chocolate and honey-buns and donuts anyway. I figured it was close to the time of the month and I was right.

So this week I won’t really be getting in much exercise unless its gym class thanks to this and I have to really watch my intake carefully. 

Also, I started a “Dream” book. I just use a composition notebook and I cut out pictures from magazines on what I hope to look close to (b/c you know, everyone has different body types and you can’t exactly look like someone else) and I tape or glue them in. I really do plan on keeping it with me at all times this week. I’m gonna need it. Even if it means taking it to school. I just have to be extra careful with it. It would be kinda embarrassing if someone found it. 

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